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District Life

A few drabbles of life in the district. 


District 1-

She clenched her hands, willing herself to keep her composure in front of everyone. Nightmares from the arena raged on in her mind though, and through all the cheerful and seemingly blissful smiles she was dying inside. 

Dying from the frightened and horrified faces of those that had met their fate from her blade. She'd killed countless kids. She'd killed her district partner. 

But she was a career tribute, and as much as it hurt her emotionally, this is what career tributes did. 

District 2-

He'd been uncomfortable with the idea of volunteering. He was an excellent trainee though and everyone was convinced that this year was him year. No one would doubt him--and no one did, not for a second as he raced to the front and took his place on the stage. 

With the smiles of his mentors and family, he shook the hands of the escort and the his district partner and with a heavy heart, accepted his fate--as much as he hated to. 

District 3-

She'd always dreamed of moving to the Capitol. The technology there was just so outstanding, so much more than what her district had to offer. 

She wanted to see the brilliant computers that ran the entire show: not the pathetic tributes' blood.

She wanted to see the real victors of the games. Computers, not tributes. 

District 4-

She dove into the waters, trying hard to erase the memories that crashed and tumbled through her mind like tumultuous waves on a stormy day. The water seemed to be her only escape: such peaceful, untouched harmony that she almost was able to believe that the world outside the water never existed. 

No screams of dying children, no blood flowing on the ground like rivers, no nightmares to haunt her sleeping and waking moments.

Just peace: sweet, ignorant, peace.

District 5-

Power was his district's job: provide all the power that Panem needed.

But as he crept up on the oh-so-powerful Career from 2 and slit his throat, he couldn't help, but feel that this time, it wasn't just the attribute of his district, it was his talent.

As he eradicated all challenge from the careers, it was obvious the power in the arena had shifted. It was his now.

District 6-

She was merely the sweet, shy girl that always lent a hand when anyone asked. She was a hard worker and a bright girl. But everything changed when she was reaped. No one expected her to win the games, but she did. She proved them wrong, and everyone was excited to see her return. No one was expecting the girl that came home.

She was broken--an empty shell of the once sweet girl. She never smiled and even when asked, she gave no help to anyone. She was just a sad, lonely girl who had lost much more in the arena than anyone had expected.

District 7-

She'd always been proud of her district. Everyone knew it too, so when she was reaped she took it in stride. Now she was able to show her district just how proud she was.

The arena wasn't what she expected though. It was a mostly water filled arena: there was barely any trees and without trees she felt useless and completely vulnerable. Her only comfort came from her axe, but it was little help when she was lured into the waters.

The district 4 girl slit her throat without her even being able to take one swing with her axe. So much for district pride.

District 8-

She ran her fingers over the golden thread that was laid out at her workstation. Her partner wrinkled his nose at her sentiment, but she loved the different threads that came through the factories. All different colors and shades.

It reminded her of all the Capitol people and how colorful they all were.

Secretly, she wanted to someday be a Capitol citizen, able to wear and be all different colors without anyone judging her for it.

District 9-

They lay out in the grain fields, the warm sun beating down on their faces. Their hands were loosely entwined, as they lay back, thankful that another reaping had passed and neither of them had been chosen as tributes.

"We've got one more year," He whispered. "Then we'll be able to be together forever." 

"Forever," She agreed.

District 10-

"You're lucky," He muttered as they sat on her front porch in Victor's Village. It was situated on the top of a hill, overlooking the town, but in distance you could see the factories and hear the sound of cows. "Not having to work with those stupid cows, or in the stupid factories." He shook his head. "What I wouldn't give for the life of a victor."

"You're wrong," She whispers back, almost indignantly. "I'm not lucky. Never was, never will be."

"You're crazy if you don't think you're lucky," He muttered.

She wanted to retort back with a thousand reasons why he should be lucky. He didn't have to be put through the games and the torture and the horrors that were all embodied in the games. But, she stopped herself: she'd had enough of fighting for her lifetime.

"Maybe you're right then," She stated. "Maybe I'm just crazy."

District 11-

Every since her brother got reaped, they'd send her up into the trees. She hated heights and he been the one to take her place because he realized this.

The dizzy feeling she got every time she had to climb just one branch higher hurt her and made her miss Damian even more.

But he'd once told her that he only liked being at the top of the trees because it made him feel so free, like at any moment he would be able to fly away.

So everyday she climbs, believing that one day she'll fly away like her brother.

District 12-

The pain grows more everyday. Having to watch her be put through training and that interview that, even if she aces, will garner her nothing but a few nods by some snobby Capitol people.

She's gorgeous and beautiful and sweet and intelligent: everything they want in a tribute.

But she's District 12, and so they see her as nothing more than just another lump of coal that's been brought up from the mines.

He secretly begged her to win, if not just to prove them all wrong, because she wasn't just a lump of coal to him: she was his most precious diamond.


They're all okay, but they could be better. Oh well. I just wrote all of them in about 30-50 minutes so...yeah. :)