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Happiness Will Find Me

Hurricane Irene is either about to or already unleashing her fury upon the East Coast. I'm in Maryland, and have yet to get the worst of anything. The rain started about noon or 1 o'clock and hasn't stopped since. The wind is sometimes stronger, but other times non-existent. At the moment, the wind is letting the rain pelt against my window. Luckily, I have my earphones in and am currently being serenaded by Bruno Mars, so I'm pretty much oblivious to most of it. 

Writing about the Hurricane isn't really what I was planning on this entry being about though. I just thought it'd be nice to start it off with something good and rich and completely and utterly horrible. Better to get the bad news out of the way first, right? Right!

School began on Wednesday. I've officially started my junior year of high school! I can't even tell you how excited I am. I've both a mixed feeling of excitement and nerves. Excitement for obvious reasons; I'm finally making my way into the world. I'll be getting a job soon, getting my hours down so I can get my license, hopefully sparking a romance in my life (finally!), and just plan all out having fun! 

Then, the evil nervous monster comes back. I'm growing up and in two years I'll be off to college (hopefully an out-of-state one). But I'll be leaving my friends, my family, and my school behind. I'll have to get a job just to be able to eat (horror stories of college people-don't ever read them). I'll have papers and exams and a whole new life to figure out. 

I swear to god, all of this is going to make me develop Peter Pan syndrome. I don't ever wanna grow up (I want to be a Toys'R'Us kid). Sorry, I couldn't help adding the last bit in there. But seriously, part of me really does want to just stay and be a teenager forever. Honestly, I have a  very drama-free life and have so far enjoyed my teen years. 

But I guess it's for the best-growing up and moving on. I've got bigger things to advance to and you know what?

I'll make sure I take everything in stride. Nothing worse than having a negative outlook on life. 

"Just keep swimming!"