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Writing Challenge [2/?] Girls

This time around, the prompt is Girls, and it's focusing more on a single character (or characters in some case) and will probably be only about the Percy Jackson fandom, because that's where the inspiration is leading me too.
Theme: Girls
Character(s): Will Solace, Travis Stoll, Jake Mason, Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Katie Gardner,
Summary: "A guy and a girl can be best friends, but at one point or another, they will fall for each other...maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late, or maybe forever." -Dave Matthews Band 
Rating: T

Will Solace-
There was just something about Katie, the beautiful smile on her face or the way her laugh made all the music he listened to sound bland. Somehow though, he knew she he'd fallen for her.

Jake Mason-
Katie had been his best friend for awhile. She'd been there through his break-up with Nicole Stevenson, that Daughter of Aphrodite. She'd made him feel like, despite Nicole's words, he wasn't just a useless mechanic-he was something much greater than just that. 

Travis Stoll-
Katie may not have appreciated the bunnies on her roof, but she did seem to appreciate his sense of humor, something that thrilled him. Girls had told him his sense of humor was sadistic, Katie included, but she'd had a smile on her face when she'd said it; that was always a good thing. 

Percy Jackson-
Annabeth had been the first person who'd been what could be considered 'nice' at Camp Half-Blood. She'd tagged along with him on countless quests and dealt with all his stupid moments, but through thick and thin she was still there and he couldn't help but feel that there had never been anyone else except the blonde who, affectionately, called him "Seaweed Brain." 

NOTE: Yeah, I kind of just shipped Katie with Will, Jake, and Travis. I ship all three pairings and couldn't honestly narrow it down, so I included them all. In the other themes, they'll only be single ones though. I won't have two of them in the same theme, that much I can do.