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Shade and Aspen

Yes, more Shade and Aspen stuff. I also had a lot of fun writing those 50 things so I'm going to do it again! The lines will probably be longer this time though.

1. May:

It was her favorite month, because it was when Aspen first met the boy she fell in love with.

2. Delight:

No one could deny the delight on either of their faces when they were reunited for the first time in weeks.

3. Greatest:

Even as 5 year olds building sand castles Shade had thought Aspen was the greatest; he still thinks that today.

4. Game:

Shade always had a weird interest in the Hunger Games, until his best friend was thrown into an arena and had to fight for her life.

5. Early:

Shade had always been an early riser. It came with good benefit too, he was able to watch Aspen sleep peacefully beside him.

6. Grey:

Despite the grey storm clouds, Shade dragged Aspen outside and reminded her she had nothing to be afraid of.

7. Single:

Aspen never cared that she was single. It wasn't until she actually had someone to be with that made being single near unbearable.

8. Worried:

Shade hardly wanted Aspen ever out of his sight, because he worried he may not see her ever again.

9. Separate:

Being thrown in separate cells was tortuous for the two of them, but they would yell each other's name to show they were still alive.

10. Damaged:

When Shade was rescued, he came back to her damaged. Mentally and physically he was a wreck and Aspen had no idea what to do.

11. Recovering:

As Aspen rested in the infirmary, Shade kept a constant vigil by her side, determined to be the first face she saw when she woke up.

12. Influence:

As the two of them snuck out of their quarters way past lights out, Shade couldn't help but noting, "I always knew I was a bad influence."

13. Moment:

It took only one moment, one miniscule event, for Shade to realize how much he truly loved Aspen.

14. Warning:

The way Shade had begun to avoid her was a warning sign that Aspen seemed more than oblivious too.

15. Wall:

Shade kept putting up a metaphorical wall between him and Aspen, the closer they were the more danger she was in...he couldn't have that.
16. Fear:

After hearing she had volunteered for a mission, one that didn't involve him, Shade feared that he had truly lost Aspen for good.

17. Try:

Try as hard as she may, Aspen could never truly seem to get Shade out of her mind...it made completing this mission all the more difficult.

18. Impossible:

Aspen came back to him alive and in one-piece, something he said he'd thought impossible. "Believe the impossible is possible."

19. Appeal:

Aspen made an appeal to Shade, "Please don't go." Shade wished he could stay with her, but he had a job to do.

20. Confident:

Without Shade, Aspen seemed to lose confidence in her abilities. It was a driving factor for her signing up for another mission.

21. Necessary:

"Is this really necessary?" Aspen inquired. Shade still made her promise not to go on another mission, he wasn't about to lose her again.

22. Mix:

Shade didn't know why he was so intrigued by how Aspen mixed all the colors together to create beautiful paintings, it was unexplainable.

23. Instant:

They hadn't spoken to each other in days, but the minute Aspen cried out for him in the night, he found himself by her side instantly.

24. Fact:

Aspen just regarded it as a fact that she and Shade were always meant for each other, there never could've been anyone else.

25. Worse:

What was worse than losing her? Nothing. Shade knew that there was nothing possibly worse than losing the one you love the most.

26. Warm:

Aspen hated cold temperatures, but she reasoned she could put up with them if Shade's warm arms were always a result of the cold.

27. Defense:

Aspen always knew her greatest defense was the strong-armed boy who had sworn to protect her fifty times over.

28. Animal:

Shade could never understand how Aspen had been able to deal with being thrown into an arena and being hunted down like an animal.
29. District:

They were District 1 rebels, a title that neither of them had a problem with.

30. Affect:

Hearing Shade cry out in pain affected Aspen that night, the next morning she was gone; tracking down the person who had hurt her Shade.

31. Clearer

It took a few days for him to be able to think clearly and in doing so his first question was, "Where is Aspen?"

32. Share:

They share a room, they share a bed, and they share a distinct passion for seeking revenge on people. They have a very odd relationship.

33. Far:

Being stationed far away from each other was terrible, but it made being back together again all the more worthwhile.

34. Tea:

Not even her favorite tea could soothe her worries, because her mind would not stop jumping to the conclusion that he wasn't coming back.

35. Stupid:

Shade had never felt so stupid, for he had let her slip through his fingers and once more put herself in danger.

36. Season:

Summer was her favorite season, she really didn't understand why until Shade said it was his favorite too.

37. Surface:

He watched as she floated on the surface of the water, wondering how he had been so lucky to find her.

38. Dead:

Shade wouldn't, accept she was dead. He was eternally greatful that some divine force brought life back into her body and his as well.

39. Enough:

Aspen didn't want to be fighting, and after awhile she told Shade enough was enough; either they work things out or they fall apart.

40. Cry:

Shade had never seen Aspen cry so hard when they were told they were to be separated again, it was almost enough to make him cry too.

41. Pretty:

"Do you think I'm pretty?" Aspen asked. "No," Shade answered. "I think you're beautiful."

42. Memory:

One of Shade's fondest memories was watching Aspen win her Hunger Games, because he knew that she was coming back to him.

43. Strength:

Some days he felt like he didn't have the strength to get up and move. It was those gorgeous blue eyes that gave him plenty of strength.

44. Scratch:

"Honestly Shade, it's just a scratch," Aspen argued. Shade still insisted on taking her to the infirmary though.

45. Care:

"Why do you care so much?" Shade yelled angrily. "Because I love you!" Aspen replied.

46. Bed:

When they were first caught in the same bed, it was embarassing for them. Now, it's more embarassing for the other person.

47. Grand:

They made a grand celebration out of their last day together, determined to have at least one good memory if anything bad did happen.

48. Theory:

In theory, neither of them should've survived the blast, but they did. That was proof enough that someone thought they were meant to live.

49. Offer:

Aspen knew the offer was too much to resist, but she still refused it anyway. She had promised to be there when Shade came back.

50. Argument:

Their arguments were always a spectacle to watch. They were amusing in the sense that every single one ended in them kissing.