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Writing Challenge [1/?] LOYALTY

Writing Challenge-One theme and multiple couples over three different fandoms (Twilight, Hunger Games, and PJO) and how the theme relates to certain couples.
Couples: Jasper/Alice, Finnick/Annie, Thalia/Luke
Warnings: Spoilers for all three.
“Lack of loyalty is one of the major causes of failure in every walk of life.” ~Napoleon Hill 
Rating: T

Jasper and Alice:

Many called her crazy. Her whole human life she'd been forced to deal with being 'that crazy little girl' who nobody loved. Even after her change she was called crazy, but it was more lovingly. The waitress who always served her tea would tease her, "You waiting for someone sweetheart?" Alice would smile at her and nod her head. "He'll be walking through those doors, any day now." "I've seen you in here everyday for a while, if you're still waiting for this guy, you're crazy."


Alice waited, and waited, and waited. Through the teasing and the looks, and the gentlemen who offered to take her out for some 'fun', she endured the long process dealt with waiting. Her vision had showed her the man, the man who would be the key to her future. The one whose path was still headed for this diner. She could feel it. 
And then one day, it happened. She heard the door open and turned, finding the man from her visions standing before her. Without any hesitation she walked right up to him, smiling at his surprised expression. "You kept me waiting long enough," Was all she said. She looked into his golden eyes, holding his gaze. A grin appeared on his face as he dipped his head towards her. "I'm sorry, ma'am." She holds out her hand and looks up at him expectantly. He watches her for a moment before, with a warmer look in his eyes, he takes her hand. They walk out of the diner that way and Alice is completely content, because she knows, that her loyalty wasn't worth absolutely nothing. 
Finnick and Annie: 
He would go off to the Capitol, see some people, be tossed around like he was a nobody-treated like a nobody as well. Women and girls paid good money to have a piece of Finnick Odair and he had to succumb to their wishes. He gave himself to them, making it seem like he actually cared about them, about how they felt, about how much they loved Finnick Odair. 
But Finnick Odair didn't love them. He had a deep burning hatred for the people of the capitol, ever since they had terrorized him by throwing him into the games. They toyed with him, made him become a sex icon for the wealthy citizens who could afford him, he was forced to return with a large smile on his face, pretending to actually be enjoying himself when in truth he just wanted to be back in District 4.
Back in District 4 there was Finnick's true love. Annie Cresta waited for him with open arms. She didn't judge him based on the actions he was forced to take part it, she just loved him for being by her side. She had her moments when the memories and horrors of her arena had completely overwhelmed her and he hated seeing her so fragile and so weak. She'd asked him once why he didn't just leave her, there had to be plenty of girls out there who would love him just as much as she did and weren't completely crazy. 
"You're not crazy Annie," He'd told her firmly. He kissed her and held her tightly in his arms, enjoying the sense of just having her. "I promised you I would do everything in my power to protect you," Finnick whispered. "And I stand true to my word. Nothing will ever happen to you."
Luke and Thalia:
"Join me," Luke insisted. Thalia stared at her long time friend, furious at how he'd just...betrayed everyone so easily. "We can finally make our parents feel the pain they made us feel!" 
"Luke," Thalia began feeling that horrible guilt feeling welling inside of her. She'd been in love with this boy for as long as she could remember, but nothing, nothing, could make her change her mind. She was loyal to Lady Artemis and all she stood for and that meant being loyal to Mount Olympus and her father.
"No, listen!" Luke insisted. He looked so pale and so weak. This was taking a toll on him, Thalia could see it. His blond hair hung around his face in lank strips, his eyes, once blue and bright, were now pale and filled with hatred. This wasn't the boy she'd fallen in love with.
And it most certainly wasn't the boy she would side with. 
"No! You listen!" Thalia exclaimed. "Luke, look at what you're doing!" Thalia said. "You're trying to raise one of the deadliest foes in all of history!"
"He can help us make our parents pay-"
"Pay for what?" Thalia demanded. "You dad cares about you Luke, can't you see that?" 

"He never cared about me!" Luke roared furiously. His hands were clenched into his fists, the knuckles white. "Think about all the unclaimed kids in the Hermes cabin...do their parents care about them?" Luke demanded. Thalia was silent and Luke smirked. "See Thalia, there is a cause. And I want you to be a part of it, with me." Luke held out his hand, something that, years ago, Thalia would've taken without hesitation. They'd journeyed to Camp Half-Blood together, he'd saved her countless times, they'd fallen in love. 
But then he'd broke her heart and had left her reeling in the devastating pain that came with a broken heart. Lady Artemis had helped her. Her family had been there when Luke had not. Thalia had once put such a great deal of trust in Luke that it would've been bad not to take his hand, but now, after everything, siding with him wasn't right. 
"No," Thalia said softly. "I-I can't turn my back on the people who care about me, which is more than I can say about you." Luke looked shocked, but Thalia turned her back on him. She wouldn't turn her back on family, but she'd turn her back on him. He didn't deserve her loyalty anymore.